About UKuni

We are a specialised Educational Counselling and Advisory Company. We offer advice and counselling to students, parents and employers that wish to access the educational opportunities available at our partner institutions

We also assist students that wish to develop their English language at schools and language colleges across that English speaking countries. We could cater for almost all needs and requests.

We also have several options for Young Learners to develop their English during the summer in a secure and enjoyable environment. Parents could choose from summer schools, summer camps, English with football or English with activities.

We started in 2008 to provide expert services to students that wish to study in the UK. The experience of the founders go back to 1996 and long relations with UK education sector.

The accumulated knowledge about education opportunities and options is added to the physical knowledge of the cities and towns gives students a wealth of information to enable them to make well informed decisions about their studies.

We represent tens of Universities in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in addition to many of language and training providers in English language speaking countries. We have an option for any request.

Over the past ten years, we have helped thousands of students from, to access educational opportunities. Many of these candidates have graduated and are in senior positions.

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